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Saturday, December 5, 2009

X'mas is around the block....

As it is 5 days past Dec, and I am feeling Christmas is approaching very soon.
You see decorations everywhere, people doing a lot of shopping, Lovely Christmas carol.....
My favourite part of X'mas is probably the carols. Because where I come from we don't buy each others gifts.
Well...some people do but still... the whole X'mas idea is not very big in Hong Kong.
Similarly, Chinese New Year is like Chirstmas in HK.
So... different cultures; different living styles.

Anyways.....I have a couple cards for you today.
Look closer, you might see YOUR card in my pictures!!!!!
Have a good weekend, I am going to catch up on card making AND studying :(

Couple last pics, Audrey VS Princess

I really like this kind of picture. So, I have decided to download a picture of Audrey and myself. haaaaa, so silly!!! BUT, I love it!!!!

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