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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lilly & Billy...

Hi all, I know I promised I would post pictures of little boy and gril YESTERDADY. Ya... I know... I broke my promise. I was working really hard on the Bobo layout.

And now...I should tell you guys...little boy and girl have a name!!!!!!! And they are Billy and Lilly. I should have figured that...right? Everyone has a name!!!! Gee.. and no... I didn't name them. I was at the craft store yesterday and was looking and the stamps. Then, realized....LILLY and BILLY stams set. That was the moment I found out their names!!!!

Cards time:

Billy love card


Lilly love card

Lilly birthday card

Another Billy love card

Messages in the pocket

Thats all of the cards for today. Check back soon!!!

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