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Saturday, December 19, 2009

New cards...

Third post of today.
Thought it would take me a few hours to get things done.
Then I thought, what the heck. Since I am in the mood of spending time in front of my computer. Though I am a young, updated on everything girl; I enjoy spending my time with papers. Sorry, I am totally a home girl!!!! Not as exciting as you think :(

Some cards for ya....not telling which one is for whom. You can try to take a guess or wait to see it with your own eyes. By the way, I haven't gone to the post office and the post date were past a week ago, I think. So sorry, you won't get it on time for x'mas, but it's all handmade and full of love. So when you get it, you can still feel the x'mas spirit. How's that??

I will explain the each card under its picture. Here we go:

Side of the candycane card!! Multiple layers...

Candycane card, this is made for a male reciever. What cha think?

Sparkle deer card using freebies from a mag. Don't think freebies are useless, they come in good quality. Sometimes, I like using them!!!

Side of triple x'mas trees!!!

Triple x'mas trees, another one for male. I don't come up ideas for males very often, so these are quite a record for me.

That's it for now...will update a little girl & boy collection using pinkcat studio stamps soon. Very soon, maybe tomorrow?!?!?!?!

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