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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone.
I hope you all have a nice, loving evening. And of course someone to kiss at midnight.
And I wish your following year fill with happiness and love.

I am going away for a week, and won't be able to update.
I will post some pictures of my cards once I come back.
*Enchanted Lily set is completed*
And some new layouts!!!!!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a special evening.

Hugs xxx

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Layouts....

Hello, I have been having card making and scrapbooking block:( So I am taking a break from these two things. Will start fresh again tomorrow. BUT, I do have two layouts to share with you. These layouts I made a couple months ago. I have been waiting to upload pics but got so caught up on cardmaking. So here we go, these are just everyday pictures of me with my family or just them. I don't have any sublings, so all these siblings-like people are my cousins!!!! :)

Me and JT. We have been best friends since the day she was born. Has now been 20 Years!!!! And I know for a fact that we will be for the rest of our lives!!! *there's a little trick of this picture, do you know what it is?*

This is the most clear picture I could ever get of this layout. Colorwise. A windmill layout.

A more complete look but the color's not right. I know why...because santa didn't bring me a good camera!! :p

A closer view of the windmills.

*ta-da!!!! This picture is also serve as a pocket for my message.*

This layout is a picture of part of my wonderful family celebrating my baby cousin's 10 months birthday! Ya....up until she turned 1, her family celebrate each month as her first milestones!!! Isn't that cute?

These little squares are used with K company papers. Some of them are pop ups, some not. This title says it all. My family is the most important thing in my life. It values the most in my heart! I love you all *muah*

The whole layout...using we r memory makers papers in the background.

Where I put my journaling.

I hope you all enjoy the layouts and welcome for any advices.
* I want to add some more embellishment on my second layout. Prob on the sides of the picture. The white area, looks too empty now?!?!?! What do you think?? I am thinking to add some heat embross hearts???? Ideas, anyone?* Thanks :)

Another blog candy

Hi all, there's another blog candy that I would like to share.
Pink gem stamps is giving away 6 stamp images!
If you would like to enter, please go : http://pinkgem-janet.blogspot.com/2009/12/win-6-pink-gem-stamps.html

You can pick your own images!!!!!!
Good luck!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Candy

Vivi from Magnolia stamps is having a blog candy.
Be sure to check out her blog : http://handmadebyvivi.blogspot.com/
Maybe one of us will be a lucky winner!!!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

More on Enchanted Lily...

Had a slow couple of days...Didn't get much done.
Got one card done each day...would like to get more done but just can't seem to get things right. Actually, I made one other Lily fairy card and I couldn't get the color and the patterns right. So..that card went to garbage...I was so depressed with that card, I had to STOP making cards for a few hours to refresh my mind. Gee...

Well..At least I like the card that I made today.
I am totally in awe with enchanted Lily. I have a thing for fairies, princesses and all the girly stuff. But, strangely, Pink is NOT my favourite color. I like using all the girly colors in my cards and layouts. In real life, you will rarely see me with pink stuff.

And Yeah, my aunt Sharon was pointing out that Lily looks like my 2 year old cousin. She does!!! They are both really cute and girly. My baby cousin is in the stage that everything she does, wears, says has to do with princess. I think it is totally adorable. I mean, I get her...who doesn't want to be a princess? Dress like a princess and of course command like a princess!!!! :)

Lily "swing by" card. I have something to share with this card. When I saw this statement, I instantly had an image of this blog. So, I wanted to make this card as an "invitation" to ask people to stop by my blog. Seriously, would you want one?

This is where I will put in my blog's adress.

Lily and little frog card. This card reminds me of the newest Disney movie. Princess and the frog. I haven't seen it. Anyone has? I really want to though. A black princess finally, then we really have all colors in the princess category!

I haven't decided what to do with inside of this card. I have just started to do the insides... so still a newbie. Any advice would be nice!!!! :)

One more enchanted Lily coming to complete the set!!! After Lily cards, will make a set of kitties, how's that? I am not a big fan of cats but this stamp set that I have is really cute and I can't resist!

Thank you very much for dropping by and leaving me comments. I really really appreciate them. I don't really have friends that craft, so I am really grateful to have met you on the internet and share our experiences. I look forward to see all your cards and layouts and carfts. Hugs... xoxoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Everyday cards...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of goodies!!!!
I crafted til LATE last night...won't say how late cuz you'd say I am insane to stay up this late just to make cards? NO....not insane at all. When I am crafting...there's never enought time. I wish there 40 hours a day when I am crafting. :) Don't we all though?

I got a Lily faries stamps set the other day as it was on sale 30%off. Not very often for stamps sets!!! So there I went and made a card. I am quite happy with it as I think this time I got the colors right!
Forgot to upload another picture of one santa Christmas card that I made.
The birdie card, I used Pinkcat studio stamp set as well. I just love love love this brand. So cute yet not too expensive!

Here we go:

Lily as fairy. Isn't she cute! Notice I use a fiskar scallop punch. It's new. Punch and embross in 1. I like it, its so girly which suites this card well.

Close view of the stamp.

Insdie of the card. I use flower soft on the pink border. It turns out quite well.

Santa "Ho, ho, ho" card

Close view of Santa.

Birdie friend card.

Closer view of birdie.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all.
I hope you have a fun, warm, loving Christmas with people that matters to you.
Also, I hope everyone luck and happiness in the following year.

Not much going on.....I got some pressies from love ones in HK.
Well...not sure if those are intended to be my b-day gifts or x'mas. But it doesn't matter cuz....they are from YOU GUYS!!!!!

Got up this morning and did nothing a couple hours. Then FINALLY, I craft and will be crafting for the rest of the night.

One last time...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!
Hugs and lots of love, xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bobo layout

I have finished my bobo layout. I spent quite some time on it and changed my layout size a bit. Usually, I make 12" x 12" layouts and I thought I would try a 8 1/2" x 11". First mistake, I cut my paper TOO small, 8" x10". So I still went with it...I just don't think this is my greatest layout. I am not satisfy with it to tell the truth. I think it is quite....ugly?!?!?!?!?! I just don't know... don't know what's wrong with it. Just don't like it. Maybe it's the color? patterns? embellishments? Please tell me...anything...any suggestions!!!!!

Here you go of the layout. I will let you have a glance and decide if it is ugly.

P.S. I love you my bobo. You are the cutest and the sweetest no matter what. Muah muah muah*

Val: Send me a picture of yourself that you like. I will make a layout for you!!!! But I really need to spend some time to plan and rethink my layouts. I am not doing a very good job in them. My skills are not improving.....worse than before *i think*

Lilly & Billy...

Hi all, I know I promised I would post pictures of little boy and gril YESTERDADY. Ya... I know... I broke my promise. I was working really hard on the Bobo layout.

And now...I should tell you guys...little boy and girl have a name!!!!!!! And they are Billy and Lilly. I should have figured that...right? Everyone has a name!!!! Gee.. and no... I didn't name them. I was at the craft store yesterday and was looking and the stamps. Then, realized....LILLY and BILLY stams set. That was the moment I found out their names!!!!

Cards time:

Billy love card


Lilly love card

Lilly birthday card

Another Billy love card

Messages in the pocket

Thats all of the cards for today. Check back soon!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Little boy and girl collection...1

As I promised, Here we go for little boy and girl collection.
They are just so cute and I have made a bunch of them.
So....if you like it. You can tell me and you will have your own copy.

Side of little boy. 3 dementional.

Little boy Christmas card. Might be yours!

Side of girl card. 3D again, a lot of my cards are 3D. (*at least I try to)

Little girl christmas card. Again for a love one!

Side of little cupid!!!!!

Little boy as cupid card. I love this stamp image so much. I just think he's so sweet and cute and chubby and cute and cute. Oh did I just mention cute, not once just three times???

Okay, enough eye candies for you. BUT, little boy and girl collection is NOT over. There are a few more cards coming tomorrow. I am working on a bobo layout, but just started it. I am hoping to finish it in 2-3 days. I am going to post pics of the layout as soon as I finsih. You can enjoy these cute boys and girls for NOW. bye now.