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Saturday, December 19, 2009

OMG x2

OKay Okay...
Today we will have 3 posts.
WHY???? I thought I will post one with the Valentino bag just to show how pretty it is. Then I would upload new pics of my cards collection.
After I posted my 1st entry, I went to check my own blog to just hang out for a bit.
Then...I realized I have COMMENTS!!!!
I didn't know that you guys left me comments!!!
I don't know why they didn't notify me that you guys have left me comments. Therefore, I didn't find out until now. Aw......I guess I will have to check often?!?!?!?!?
Val Or Big E...I was just thinking of the same thing the other night.
We WILL DEFINITELY do a scrapbooking gethering once I come back.
Maybe we should do that once a month??
I could totally see the pics of Bobo only wants all the pink, glitters, pincess, fairies stuff.
E might wants to use all the cross stiches designs for her layouts and cards.
Samll E mights to doddle or write silly things on her stuff, e.g. like draw a poo...haaaaaaaa :)
Jt wants red or black things, I think.
Cyn. will def. make all her cards and layout in the Edward phrase!!!!!!!! Yeah, we get it, NO JACOB!!!!!!!!!!
Val, I think you cards will look great, no that's not the word!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! you have such good eyes and I am sure you can make great great patterns for the cards. OH my...just imagine all the fun we will have together making these cards and spending a loving time together!!!!!

I will start planning!!!!!
Check back soon, all my FANS!!! *muah muah muah* Love you guys so very very very muchie!!!!!!!!!!

A clear pic of Princess A, not black and white. can see my silly face clearly!!!!!!


  1. errr... yes you do have to check more often and update more often, my mom and I were getting bored of checking your blog every day and not seeing any new uploads grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

    I don't have a good eye for art... I think I would pick the second option which is end up gluing stuff up side down and then ask for your help!.

    that photo is an old one isn't it? More updated one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    love you, val

  2. my dearest Princess,
    though Bobo took your fancy title without your permission, you're always my #1 princess....
    I don't always get a chance to post comments...coz I don't have facebook, blogspot or anything of that stuff, I can only be a stalker!!! stalking on you... JT & Megan Mama,
    Gosh... we ALL miss you so dearly, you might not know it, but I guarantee you, EVERYONE misses you soooooooooooo much, and we're ALL awaiting your homecoming, before then, stay cool & keep smiling, think of all the loves awaiting your claims!!! keep working on your great talents, who knows, you might make it your career someday!! Again, you've made me think so differently of you, what skilful fingers you have!!!
    OHHHHHHHHHH,, know what? Chuk Chuk just got back from Singapore, and made himself a Santa Claus, he brought home each of you girls a small present, I must admit that's really SWEET of him, each of you girls one Care Bear!! Merry X'mas!! BTW... I didn't get anything wor!! I'll back-pay you ALL the presents you should get when you're home, ok!!
    Big E


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