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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The meaning of...

As I promised in my other blog that I would explain why "this" here is call the Magical Land. I feel that there is endless possibilities in the paper crafting world. There's no right or wrong. There isn't a strict definition of what's perfect or pretty in paper crafts. YOU do what YOU want to do. Anything that catches your eyes is pretty. Anything could be an eye candy for you!!!! And I like that idea in the crafting world. In reality, people are so harsh on each other. They rarely enjoy life and everywhere has become a stressful place. There isn't really a place where you can relax and just enjoy. YET, in Magical Land you can enjoy whatever you like. Talk about whatever, whoever and where ever you like. :) So drop by often and just enjoy life with me. Life is too short to be stressed out and pissed.

Tell me I am NOT insane to want this gift set.
I would kill for that, really, literally!!!!
Do you know how much it costs? um....$$$$$$500USD
Not a cheapy cheapy gift, Louboutins are not consider cheap or affordable.
I think they are totally worth it though. Just the design, the art work, the look and the sexiness, oh my gosh.........I am blushing just by thinking about it :)


  1. I have another comment somewhere, pls chk. B

  2. hey there!

    I think its a great idea that you started this blog to express and chart your wonderful skill at making these cards. I went to mong kok to this craft store and wanted to buy you stuff but there were too many cute things! it's impossible to figure out which one I want to get you, so come back and we can figure out which ones to buy!!!! heeheee... I am super fan of glitters and everything sparkles! wooohooo~~~

    also.. I posted your gift today! hope you like ittttttttttttttt! some of it is stuff I got from Japan and some of it I bought in Hong Kong!

    you know what we should do when you return? we should do a huge card-making seminar with the whole family! I can imagine my mom taking 40000000 minutes to carefully print 2 words, my dad drawing garfield on EVERYTHING, Cynthia pasting photos of edward from Twilight on every card and Bobo telling everyone to back away from the pink 'princess sparkles...' That would be sooo much fun!

    come back!!! I have a pair of wedges for you to pick out! think you might like it! but I think your feet are two sizes smaller? you a 37 right? well... nothing a feet thing can't solve!

    love, Val

  3. ooooh yes, you are insane to want this!! 500$ ahahha.. you could buy a pair of last season's lous! come back and I take you to exploreeeeeeeeeeeee! yay!!!!!!

  4. hey sweet,
    how did u get to be so artistic??? you can definitely call yourself an artist in profession!!
    I really admire those handmade cards crafted by you, just too beautiful to be real!!
    cool, I'll be stalking you!! I've signed up to be the most avid reader and to become your #1 biggest fan.
    I tried card-making before, remember??? however, I wasn't creative or imaginative enough to make my cards look good!!! they always looked like Darryl's kindergarten works!!
    Keep it up, it always good to keep a hobby.
    take care, miss you, Big E, sorry...I don't have an outlet to post

  5. we'll have a family dinner tomorrow for Chinese thanksgiving, sorry that you're not here with us..... but, we'll be united next year & next & next....everyone misses you a lot!! you may not feel it that way, however.... I know myself... I'm very sure... sweetie, you're always in my mind, love you lots, always! E

  6. Why no new cards? We all waiting.... you said you promised to upload more new cards.
    Just don't be silly, we are all the same, did not change a bit. We understand it's very tough for you to live in a foreign country alone. But you are doing good. Just a few months away......... Come back to us!!!!


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