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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby note pad set #2

Happy Sunday.
I had a slowwww day today but enjoyed it.
Went to Michael's and found some good deals :)
Then came home and spent too much time on one of the swaps.
Got kind of furstrated...but got over it quickly.
Then finally got to complete my baby note pad set.
We will see the rest of my babies today.

Celebration baby. I actually qutie like papers from Amuse.

Close up on image.

Sentiment area. Just like the previous pads, I dry embossed the corners and use vellum sticker quote.

Message area :)

**Next up: Bright, fruit baby. YUM YUM**

Close up on this strawberry honey.

I just love the cherry background. Such an eye popper!

Message area again!!

I Have to work on a few cards now. So will catch up with everyone later! Ciao!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby note pad set #1

Happy weekend everyone!!!!
I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. I am!!!
I am having so much fun with my crafts.
I have something new to share....I have wanted to make personalized note pads for quite a while. And the other day, a couple of ideas came to my little head. And a couple tires later, wah la!!!! I have an entire set to make!!!
Of course, of course. I have pictures to show you.
I know my note pads' styles are not the stereotypes. BUT, I think it's fun to try out different things. Right?
I got some new stamps and stuff last couple of weeks, so I have been urging to play with them and show them to you!!!!
I used a mix and match baby stamps from Pinkcat Studio with my pads.
I am making a set of 4. And you will get to see 2 of my babies in this post.
I hope you like them, because I think they are very cute.
Here we go:

First baby: A joyful flower girl in a "Speical delivery" box. Isn't she adorable? I would love to have something deliver to me like this. :)

Closer up of the details.

Inside, and there's a message in every pad. For different ocassions. And notice I dry embossed the corners of each message side.

This is the actual note area where I can write. I attached about 20 pages in each pad.

My second baby is a bunny girl. Just SSSWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Closer up of "bunny" and details.

Printed message area, where I used K&Co. stickers quotes.

Note area.

That's all for this post. Come back to check up the rest of my babies.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Mailed Out

You miss me yet?
I haven't post for a FEW days now....
As you know, I have been really busy with lots of things lately.
And I am happy to tell you that I FINISHED my aunt's project on time!
I was asked to make 15 cards in...maybe less than 2 weeks. AND I DID IT!!!
I mailed them out yesterday afternoon. And hopfully will get to my aunt's hand in a week or so.
I really hope she will like my creation. I spent hours just sitting there to get my ideas.
I felt so proud when I was able to stamp "Designed by" on all the cards.
And yet another proud moment when I actually signed on it!

Look at...These are all the cards!!!!
All wrapped up!

And this is the whole collection!

I am working on something else. So, I will have lots to share later.
Stay tune!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneak peek #2 & layout

Happy Friday!!!
I hope you are enjoying the start of weekend.
I am excited to tell you that I have finished about 10 cards.
YEAH, I think I might be able to finish on time.
I mean, really on time!!!!
Wanna have a small peek at my process?
Here you go:

Also, I have one more thing to share!!!
1 layout!!! 'I know I don't upload pictures of my layouts very often'
I am so caught up on card making that I "forgot" to get my layouts done.
And I always want to scrap some new pictures, not the pictures that I have on hands.
Anyways, looking back at my layouts encourage me to keep working on my layouts.

This is a layout that I made to delicate to my cousins. The same group of people who grew up with me, who I love just like siblings. I can't beleive we have been through so much together....By the way, this isn't a recent picture of us. Because I am studying aboard, we don't see each other often. But when I am home; we see each other AT LEAST 3/4 times a week (sometimes multiple times per day). We are way way way way too close as cousins. And I love the fact that we love each other so much.

Here's a picture of the corner detail.

And here's a picture of the minimal embellishment. lol :P

Ok, that's all for today. I am going back to my project. See ya.
P.S. I am sending out my 1st swap card today. YEAH!!!!! I am getting more invovled in this addicting hobby.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Support for Haiti

Hello everyone, good Tuesday.
You will see on the side bar, there is a box to support for Haiti.
Please, please, please if you can, go donoted a dollar or two.
May god bless them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sneak Peek #1

How was your weekend??? Are you having a happy Monday??
I am having a fun Monday as I am working really really hard with my mini card project!!! YEAH!!!!!
So....wanna have a sneak peek of my project???
Ok, ok...just a few pictures, alright??
I can't reveal too much, cuz I want it to be a SUPRISE to my aunt!!!
*My aunt told me she had already use couple of my cards for her friends. This makes me a very very happy and excited girl. NOBODY has ever used my cards for anything. I just make them and IIIII send them to others. Now, I feel like some one who's special to others, Thanks Small E for making me feel so "special". Love you*
Do you guys like to receive handmake gifts??? I DO, I think they are so sweet and warm. AND, it is one of the reasons I started this addicting hobby. Ya....we all like to receive gifts, especially, thoughtful ones. Um.....

*Big E, I got you parcels from both JP and HK. I forgot to tell you and I love them so much. So cute, and though most of them are way too "cute" for me?!?!?!? Anyways, thank you so very much. Love you love you love you!!!!!
Alright, enough of all the small talk. Back to the main business, Here we go:

Look at all these images I stamped out and colored!!!! I literally spend 12 hours to finish all these. What took me so long??? I was watching Chinese Drama and stamping and coloring at the same time. Ya...not possible right. But it is!!!! :P

This is the 1st, 1st, 1st card of the bunch!!!!! I think this little birdie is so very cute. Look at her glasses, I bling it up. *Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles* This stamp is from pinkcat studio stamps AGAIN. I know......ya...I do...

Closer view of birdie. Can you see her bling glasses???? heee....

Insdie of the card. I like this inkinkaido stamp. So elegant, I love elegant stuff*

Look who's on my project again??? LILY!!!!!! Hope you are not too tired to see her.

Cloer look on my favourite Lily.

This is the inside of Lily card

Sorry for this long long post. I will come back later!!! Notice my title says "sneak peek #1", so expect a #2 or #3 later!!!!!! See ya*

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Sketch #85

I am taking part in a Friday Sketch. #85.
Here the sketch:

And this is my product using the sketch!!!! Again, I used one of the kitties from pinkcat studio stamps.

Here's a closer view of the kitty.

Inside of the card. I use the same floral boarder emboss folder in the front as they are the pretty boarders in my message area.

A closer view of in boarder.

I am working on a bunch of mimi cards that my aunt requested. I am working HARD!!!! If I work hard enough, you guys might actually get to have a sneak peek. Talk soon and happy crafting everyone!!!!

Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge #36 (MMSC36)

Hi all,
I am posting this because I am very excited to tell you guys that I am taking part in my very 1st challenge.
Here is the sketch of this challenge:

This card for MMSC#36

As I promised, I am using a Kitty stamp from pinkcat studio. This is a closer view of the image.

Inside of the card. I just used a floral boarder punch to pretty things up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Complete enchanted Lily set!!

Hi there,
It has been a long time since I last posted pictures of my projects.
So, as I told you a couple post ago that the enchanted Lily set is COMPLETED!!!
I know...it took me forever....
So far, I think this is my greatest one yet.
I think I am going to start with another stamp set.
I want to start try for sketch challenges as well.
So...we will see how those go. Will let you know for sure!!!!!

Lily make a wish card.

I heat embrossed the fairy dust from her wand.

Closer view for demention.

Inside of the card, I use the fairy dust as my boarder.

A picture of this Lily set.

Hopefully, everyone is having a great midweek. I am just trying to catch up with my crafts. Talk soon...