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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby note pad set #2

Happy Sunday.
I had a slowwww day today but enjoyed it.
Went to Michael's and found some good deals :)
Then came home and spent too much time on one of the swaps.
Got kind of furstrated...but got over it quickly.
Then finally got to complete my baby note pad set.
We will see the rest of my babies today.

Celebration baby. I actually qutie like papers from Amuse.

Close up on image.

Sentiment area. Just like the previous pads, I dry embossed the corners and use vellum sticker quote.

Message area :)

**Next up: Bright, fruit baby. YUM YUM**

Close up on this strawberry honey.

I just love the cherry background. Such an eye popper!

Message area again!!

I Have to work on a few cards now. So will catch up with everyone later! Ciao!


  1. Noreen, once a again, you are improving in the all details. They are just pretty! Don't worry, some day some one is going to understand and admire your work. To choose a designer is a commercial decision, it's rather complicated. I think. So don't be beaten so quickly just for the 1st time. Saw Chu.

  2. I like the strawberry one. But I have a little question, why is the baby wearing a strawberry hat but a cherry shirt?


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