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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby note pad set #1

Happy weekend everyone!!!!
I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. I am!!!
I am having so much fun with my crafts.
I have something new to share....I have wanted to make personalized note pads for quite a while. And the other day, a couple of ideas came to my little head. And a couple tires later, wah la!!!! I have an entire set to make!!!
Of course, of course. I have pictures to show you.
I know my note pads' styles are not the stereotypes. BUT, I think it's fun to try out different things. Right?
I got some new stamps and stuff last couple of weeks, so I have been urging to play with them and show them to you!!!!
I used a mix and match baby stamps from Pinkcat Studio with my pads.
I am making a set of 4. And you will get to see 2 of my babies in this post.
I hope you like them, because I think they are very cute.
Here we go:

First baby: A joyful flower girl in a "Speical delivery" box. Isn't she adorable? I would love to have something deliver to me like this. :)

Closer up of the details.

Inside, and there's a message in every pad. For different ocassions. And notice I dry embossed the corners of each message side.

This is the actual note area where I can write. I attached about 20 pages in each pad.

My second baby is a bunny girl. Just SSSWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Closer up of "bunny" and details.

Printed message area, where I used K&Co. stickers quotes.

Note area.

That's all for this post. Come back to check up the rest of my babies.


  1. What a great idea, note pad! I have decided to explore in other areas, not paper things. So I will leave the glory of paper art only to you. Ha. See, what I can invent and manufacture, I will show by then. Actually not so soon, you have to wait for a little while. Hee.

  2. These are cute note pads. I wish I can do more altered projects. With all the upcoming creations to be finished, I think I will have to wait besides the premade ones that are in the line up for posting in the little few days :o)


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