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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sneak Peek #1

How was your weekend??? Are you having a happy Monday??
I am having a fun Monday as I am working really really hard with my mini card project!!! YEAH!!!!!
So....wanna have a sneak peek of my project???
Ok, ok...just a few pictures, alright??
I can't reveal too much, cuz I want it to be a SUPRISE to my aunt!!!
*My aunt told me she had already use couple of my cards for her friends. This makes me a very very happy and excited girl. NOBODY has ever used my cards for anything. I just make them and IIIII send them to others. Now, I feel like some one who's special to others, Thanks Small E for making me feel so "special". Love you*
Do you guys like to receive handmake gifts??? I DO, I think they are so sweet and warm. AND, it is one of the reasons I started this addicting hobby. Ya....we all like to receive gifts, especially, thoughtful ones. Um.....

*Big E, I got you parcels from both JP and HK. I forgot to tell you and I love them so much. So cute, and though most of them are way too "cute" for me?!?!?!? Anyways, thank you so very much. Love you love you love you!!!!!
Alright, enough of all the small talk. Back to the main business, Here we go:

Look at all these images I stamped out and colored!!!! I literally spend 12 hours to finish all these. What took me so long??? I was watching Chinese Drama and stamping and coloring at the same time. Ya...not possible right. But it is!!!! :P

This is the 1st, 1st, 1st card of the bunch!!!!! I think this little birdie is so very cute. Look at her glasses, I bling it up. *Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles* This stamp is from pinkcat studio stamps AGAIN. I know......ya...I do...

Closer view of birdie. Can you see her bling glasses???? heee....

Insdie of the card. I like this inkinkaido stamp. So elegant, I love elegant stuff*

Look who's on my project again??? LILY!!!!!! Hope you are not too tired to see her.

Cloer look on my favourite Lily.

This is the inside of Lily card

Sorry for this long long post. I will come back later!!! Notice my title says "sneak peek #1", so expect a #2 or #3 later!!!!!! See ya*


  1. Wow Noreen. You sure were a busy gal for the last few days. I am glad you are doing something joyful for your life besides studying hard at school. I am sure your aunt will appreciate your dedications on these creations!!

  2. hey Princess A,
    good to know that you got the parcels, too cute??? there's no way you can outgrown that in your auntie's eyes, you're always that big little girl to us. it's just a gesture of love from us, we miss you all over the world!!!
    hey sweet!!! how would you want to give away those pretty pretty cards???? I'd want to buy them, for any price, not kidding !!! it's so unique!! Amazingly beautiful!!
    BIG E :)


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