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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneak peek #2 & layout

Happy Friday!!!
I hope you are enjoying the start of weekend.
I am excited to tell you that I have finished about 10 cards.
YEAH, I think I might be able to finish on time.
I mean, really on time!!!!
Wanna have a small peek at my process?
Here you go:

Also, I have one more thing to share!!!
1 layout!!! 'I know I don't upload pictures of my layouts very often'
I am so caught up on card making that I "forgot" to get my layouts done.
And I always want to scrap some new pictures, not the pictures that I have on hands.
Anyways, looking back at my layouts encourage me to keep working on my layouts.

This is a layout that I made to delicate to my cousins. The same group of people who grew up with me, who I love just like siblings. I can't beleive we have been through so much together....By the way, this isn't a recent picture of us. Because I am studying aboard, we don't see each other often. But when I am home; we see each other AT LEAST 3/4 times a week (sometimes multiple times per day). We are way way way way too close as cousins. And I love the fact that we love each other so much.

Here's a picture of the corner detail.

And here's a picture of the minimal embellishment. lol :P

Ok, that's all for today. I am going back to my project. See ya.
P.S. I am sending out my 1st swap card today. YEAH!!!!! I am getting more invovled in this addicting hobby.


  1. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW 10 beautiful cards!!! how am I be able to choose??? you've actually lured us into your Magical Land of Wonders, we're trapped now!! You're a playing magic!!! Can't believe my eyes!! keep going, but relax & get rest, you need brainstorming a lot on the designs & all.........
    Love love,
    BIG E

  2. Wow Noreen. You've been a busy gal. The cards are all gorgeous and the layout page sure will warm all you cuz' hearts. You sure did your cards so fast yet beautifully. I've been spending two full days in my craftroom but was only be able to finished 5 projects and thought it was pretty fast for me, lol! I spent over an hour just to color 1 image and haven't come up with an idea on what I would use it for. Better come up with something soon and I have a few more to catch up :o(

  3. Thank you for your dedication, hard work whole heartedly just for me, words fail me.... I've been feeling blue recently, inevitable separation with something more than 22 years, something you are so familiar with..... feeling half lost and half happy. But looking at 5 of you makes me feel so warm, all of you were so small and cute. I'm be fine with my family, awaiting your return, reunion with my heart throb....


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