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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wallet Card

Happy weekend!!! I hope you all are enjoying some time off and craft!!!
I joined this swap recently and requires us to make a wallet card each month.
This is the first month to start swapping!!
Here's my card and her goody bag:

Since it is love month, I made this card in the love theme, colors... I hope you like this image, it is a PinkCat Studio (PCS) stamp.

Here's the side view.

Inside! Both sides are serve as wallet/pocket. This is the purpose of this swap! The right side is for writing message.

This is back of the card

I hope you and my partner will like my card. Shipped it a few days ago, hopefully she will get it soon :)


  1. Noreen, I think your craftmanship is getting professional. So now maybe you can explore in colour matching, it can also be a very deep knowledge but affect the whole impression and feel very much, especially by the first glance. Because I am the person who always choose the colour and material first and other details.

    Thank you so much! I finally received the cards . I was unbelieveable busy this week, it was my last flying week so nobody took the parcel for me. They are just gorgeous!! Pretty Pretty Pretty!

    I will add the wording of 'Man-made and' before Designed by, and tell them you are my eldest niece, pretty and kind.

    Another hectic week, might not able to scroll on your website. But keep updating, I will chase back.

    Love ya.

  2. Congratulations Noreen!!! Check out the MMSC blog. You are the weekly bouns winner :o)


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