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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Massive update

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.
It sure felt like spring today. Sunny and warm.
Started reading break this week and enjoying some time off.
So, I have a lot to share in this post. A true massive upadte.
Are your ready?
Tina, Yully and I went to afternoon tea yesterday. "JT, sorry. I didn't hear the phone ring. Call again."
A new cafe in China Town. Small but nice. Kind of european style.

Made the girls a note pad each for Valentine's day. Hope they like it.

The three of us....look at me... what kind of pose is that?

I have been having lots of fun playing with easel cards. So I have made a bunch of them. Here is a series of easel cards. *sorry, if I update more, wouldn't have to update all at once*

This is a card set. A card with a paper pocket which you can use it to put gift cards, money, goodies....

Heart card. Went to Murchie's with Tina today. AGAIN, I know. We love afternoon tea. She said she likes this set, so gave this to her.

Heart Pocket.

The next one is using a cupcake stamps set and similar theme DP.

Cupcake card.

Cupcake pocket. Notice the bling cupcake. I like it, so yummy

Little diva set. She is really cute and funny. And who isn't a diva when you are a baby. You get whatever you want. :)

Little Diva, isn't she a darling?

Diva pocket. Same stamp set but different image.

Last but not least, for my friends and family; here's a recent picture of me with my messy hair. Urrrrrrrr..... =.=

Thanks for dropping by!!!!!

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  1. Post more photos, ok? You should eat more. Your papa will feed you Kobe steak everyday when you come back, for sure. Yummy!! But I think it's Jt who will put on weight!!!


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