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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was suppose to post this last night but I was too exicted....
I WON!!!! I am the bouns winner of MMSC.
Oh my goodness, I freaked out and jumped when I found my name on their web.

I am not the luckiest person on prices or draws. BUT, this time...God has heard me and granted me with a package full of craft goodies and an additional $10 on a digi stamp store. YEAH for me. I am overly happy and excited. Thank you MMSC, thank you Faith, thank you, thank you.
On top of that, I received my wallet card and a bag full of yummy goodies. From Laruen!!! Thank you Lauren, I love the card and all the goodies.
Right now, I feel like the Luckiest girl in the planet!!!!
Want to see pictures of my wallet card?!?!? No problem, here you go:

Actually, Laruen made me 2 cards!!! Left is wallet card and right is another beautiful card she gave me.

Closer view of this pretty card.

Wallet card!!!! Actually there are 2 pockets inside. FULL OF GOODIES!!!!

Look how much stuff is in the goody bag. Stamp images, die cuts, ribbons, flowers..........wooohoooo!!!

My family is taking a trip from HK to Korea for Chinese New Year. They are leaving in 1 1/2 day. To tell the truth, I was a little bit....sad? Jealous? No, those are not the words...I guess I felt left out. I know they don't mean to...But it's just hard for me to digest. I miss my family 24/7 and just really really really want to be able to join them on family events like this. Spend some quality time with them during holidays. I have spend the last 5-6 years of CNY alone. I just...:(

Sorry for my long post, I am an emotional, craze girl this week. Have mixed feelings for a lot of things...A lot is on my mind and I am going to get back to my therapy (Crafts) now. Talk soon and thanks for dropping by.

Look at all the goodies that Lauren gave me. Thank again


  1. Hi Noreen. Wow! You're a winner...Well done. I'm so pleased for you. I'm so glad my little parcel of goodies arrived safely and really pleased you like the card and wallet. Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog honey.

    I think everybody understands how you feel. You miss your family so much and, whatever the reasons, its difficult not to feel left out of things when everybody troops off on a trip without you. Poor you.

    At least you've got your crafty prize to look forward to and once you've finished your degree the world's your oyster....

    Hugs :D

    Lauren x

  2. I am happy for all the goodies you get Noreen. Yes, I can understand the home sick, but then you get extra happiness and cherish even more when you meet with your family again :o)
    When I get a streeful day, you sure can hear me scarp all night long. Crafting is also my therapy too!!

  3. Be sure you are ready for all the family gathering and travelling awaiting your return. You will never be left alone again. Where is your little boyfriend? What the usage of him? He should be the 2nd therapy.


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