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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Very exciting news....

Hi all, it's July 1st already.... time flies!!!!
Remember I told you I have something very exciting to tell you??? It's the day, so I can tell you right now...
I have been accepted on DT of The Latte Lounge!!!!
The Latte Lounge is a division of The Stamping boutique. It is a place for crafters to share, make friends, talk and laugh together!!!! We have different challenges bi-weekly, monthly with prices!!!! We also have different discussion groups for people to join and express themselves.  I have started my own group called "Grey Anatomy addict", if you are one; come look for me =) Would love for all of you to visit us!!!!

I feel so honoured to be part of the team. My team gals are all very talented and I beleive I have a lot to learn from them. I look forward to my DT journey with the girls. And I hope to see you all along the ride. Oh... I almost fogot.... Did I mention this is my first ever DT???? Oh man... I am so excited and happy and happy!!!!!

Can you spot my badge on the side bar???? Isn't it cool, it has my name on!!!! In case it's too small... I will show it to you!!!!
Everytime I look at it, my heart beats so fast!!!

Drop by TLL and leave us some love!!!!



  1. Welcome to the Team Noreen!!! I am so excited you accepted!!! Blessings and Hugs!!

  2. Welcome Noreen!!!! We will have some fun! Hugs Joxxxxx

  3. Our dai bui jie Noreen,

    Congrats from H.K.!!! We're so happy for you!!
    Keep up your beautiful work!! Sky's the limit!!
    now... we've to stalk one more .... Grey Anatomy Addict?? how cute!! Enjoy!!!


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