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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leaving blog for 2 weeks...

Hello, Not a very way to start a morning...
Rainy and WET!!! Well...my cold is getting better by bits.. slowly..
But I will survive... thanks for all the lovely comments.
I am very very super duper sad to tell you that I will be leaving this blog for a long long 2 weeks.
I am a few midterms next week and a big presentation the week after. So, all my crafting time will be spent in the library.
I will see you back here on the weekend of 20th.
See you later.


  1. Emailed you a couple times Noreen to arrange a craft gathering, but I guess you are busy :o)
    will rearrange again!

  2. word hard together!!
    cuz i failed my exam- -''

  3. you can do it!!
    nothing is impossible!!
    impossible is nothing!!

  4. I have feedback wor, could u c? ADD OIL!!!


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