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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to Magical Land

Of course I am not Audrey Hepburn.
I love her so much that I am using her picture as my profile pic.
Yes, Audrey is one my of many addictions.

In here you will find me posting paper crafts that are handmade by me. Also you will find me blogging about life; things that I like, e.g. Audrey Hepburn, shoes, bags, clothes.....

I will update with photos of my carfts soon.


  1. Addiction to something healthy and positive, 100 goods. If I can buy u a Manolo or Christian Larcoix........... maybe not quite possible, sorry....

  2. I will ask Saphio whether he can get the high heel champagne flute, duno. Are the cards for us?? You look so ATTRACTIVE in the graphic design, ha, coz can't see so clear. Bobo was sick last Sat to Mon, infected from Gor Gor Roy, she hated him,asked Sai Fu to spang him, so funny. Bobo is skinny like a skeleton now, poor Bobo.
    Noreen, you know we love you so much. We check on your blog when we have time, sometimes without comments, but doesn't mean we don't care for you. Fei Chuk Chuk checks on blog everyday but he never write anything bccoz he can only use one finger for computer. But do you know it's he who upload all the photos and videos or Bobo FOR YOU. No matter you appreciate or not.
    Anyway, we have kept close track on you from the blog and facebook if you have write anything, believe it or not.


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