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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chritmas crafts....

I have been busy with making Christmas cards and pressies for everyone.
Though I have started the process since late Oct; I have only finished like 8 cards!!!
I am soooo very slow. I have noticed I spend at least 1 hour on every card.
I simply don't understand why it takes me so long.
慢功出細貨, right?

I am not sure if I am a scrapbooker or a cardmaker.
I know I can be both, but I really really want to be good at one specific skill.
I need to practice, practice and practice.

It is so hard to keep motivated....
I have no friends here.
Even if I do, we don't share the same interest.
I have tried to introduce my one and only friend here to paper crafts....
But...I guess everyone is different!
Anyways, I am going to make however many cards I want and send them to whoever I want. I will keep going no matter what because I truly love this hobby!!

AND I love shoes as well, so here we go.
Collection of Manolo Blahnik and Christian Laboutin:

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