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Friday, May 14, 2010

Huge updates....

Hello, Happy weekend!!!
I have had a very busy week so far.
I had a craft date with Cabio on Monday afternoon. Have a great time stamping and talking at her house. Cabio, thank you so so much for your huge goodie bags!!! I LOVE everything in it. THANKS!!!!
Had a gathering with friends on Tuesday night. We talked, laughed and laughed so hard!!! Love hanging out with you guys....
Did a few cards on Wednesday.
Yesterday, I had a fun afternoon crafting with my best friend Tina. Then, a bunch of us went to Karaoke at night. (Not sure about the spelling)
Later tonight, I am going to Tina's house to craft again.
Woof!!!! Don't blame me for not posting.... :p
*typed at 6p.m.*

*edited at 11p.m.* So, as I said in the previous post; I have a few father's day cards to share.
You ready? Here we go:

Card #1: Super dad card using a Billy image.

Closer shot of Billy.


Card #2: A dad's card using a Lily image.

Closer shot of Lily. Do you know what my dad does? My dad is a chef, so this card is "me" dressing up as chef. Shhhh....can't tell him ok?

Closer view of the details...


Card #3, card that I created for Cabio, a true craft queen. But, aren't we all?

Closer view of the Kitty cat.


Card #4. All my love card using a Tilda image.

Closer shot on Tilda.



All these cards are supposed to enter for 4 different challenges... but... I think I have missed some due dates and forgot which challange they were for. So, this is a no challenge week for me. Anyways, thank you very much for bearing with such LONGggggg post. *I will update more often*


  1. Love your cards. They are darling.

  2. So cute, love them all!
    Hugs, Christine

  3. Sounds like you've had a fabulous week! What fun to get together with others and do what you love the most! All your cards are adorable. Great job...

  4. I like how you carried the little special touches to the inside! Very pretty card!

  5. Thank you again for your fabulous card Noreen!!
    You sure were a busy gal for preparing these many cards. Great to know you had fun and I do too!

  6. congrats! you're invented your own style, so loving, girly, warm & a little kiddy, a great combination that's so YOU!! Love them all, yeah, all those little touches make your cards so special, just like you're presenting them out in person, really really lovely collection! Big E

  7. Yeah, chef is a good theme, can use it always. Mother and child, father and child both are also good topic for card. Can consider it as well. The cards are so lovely. Any progress of the tearoom biz?

  8. We have been busy. Love the cards you have made. The paper is gorgeous as are your images. hugs Shelley

  9. Love your cards! Cheers, Lora Sinkler-Lake www.onecrazystamper.com


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